Welcome! My name is Antique Alex.

My interest in antiques began in 2019, the summer after Kindergarten, when I was six years old. During that summer, I went to Vermont and purchased my first antique at Five Corners Antiques, a 1920’s cast iron toy bus for $22.

After this pick, I was hooked. I went into First Grade wanting to be an antique dealer when I grow up.

Then halfway through First Grade, Covid-19 hit the world and I learned how to use eBay and a whole new universe opened to me.

During quarantine in 2020, I watched all the Star Wars movies and started collecting 1970’s and 80’s Star Wars merchandise.

New Years Eve of 2021, with the pandemic still brewing, I learned of Magic: the Gathering, a collectible trading card game. My Dad taught me how to play and now I have over 16,000 cards, been to several MagicCons, and enjoy playing my favorite Sliver deck.

Thank you for visiting my website! Check out my collections, resources, and items I’m looking to buy. And don’t forget to send me a message! I love to see them!